Geting To Know the Force - Lauren Bay

After playing with the Chicago Bandits for a year, Lauren Bay joins the 2006 inaugural Philadelphia Force softball team. An outstanding left-handed pitcher she was named 2005 Co-Pitcher of the Year and went 17-1 on the season. She’s the feature of our Q & A session this week as we continue to introduce you to the members of the team.

What is your greatest advantage of being a left-handed pitcher?

Most hitters are so programmed to look at the right hip when they hit, so when they have seeing the ball off the left hip disrupts their approach or swing at the ball. Being a lefty pitcher my ball spins a little differently and breaks the opposite way. Hitting is all about timing, and the subtle differences in my delivery are enough to upset the hitter’s timing giving me an advantage.

As a member of the Canadian Olympic team, what is it like playing on the same team as your Olympic competitor, Natasha Watley?

It's amazing playing with Natasha. Right now we are both playing for the Philadelphia Force and I couldn't be happier to have her at shortstop and leading off in the lineup. She is a player that everyone can learn something from. I don't think of her as a competitor yet! As long as we are wearing the same jersey, she's my teammate!

What is your favorite thing about playing professional softball?

The dynamics of a team. The best part of softball in general is meeting new people, having a common goal and having a great time trying to achieve it. I love my team on and off the field and we have fun on and off the diamond. That is the best part for me about playing professional softball. Plus, I get to watch all these amazing players make great plays and watching the best players in the country battle for wins is all very exciting.

Off the playing field, what do you like to do in your free time?

I like to read and workout. I like to do anything active and anything outdoors. I also love to travel and hang out with my family.